Aida Aganovic joined the Millennial Title team in March 2021 as a Closing Coordinator in our Tampa office. From preparing files and speaking with clients, Aida is multilingual, well-organized, and detail-oriented as it pertains to closings. We were excited to sit down with her to discuss her role at Millennial Title and what she looks forward to most in the coming years.

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What are Your Responsibilities as a Closing Coordinator?

My main priorities are purchases and ensuring the files are prepared for closing. I love our Closing Tracker system because it lets us know if we are still missing any information. I also prepare pre-Lim docs, speak to clients on both the buying and selling side, agents, and lenders. Since I coordinate closing for both sides of the table, I will sometimes become the closer and execute the documents. If the file is in the final stages of closing, I make sure to review all executed docs and approve funding and disburse the file. But no matter what I’m doing, I always have a smile on my face.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

I am a people person, so I love making people happy. In this field, I find that it is definitely something that I can easily say I accomplish. It can be stressful, but I make sure they leave happy.

While I have only been at Millennial for a year, I am excited to be here. I sometimes rotate between the Tampa and Louisville offices to visit my family. Not having to use my personal vacation time is such a bonus, it also lets me visit with the Louisville team.

What is Your Proudest Moment in Your Career at Millennial Title?

Well, I can’t just choose one – I have many. One story that comes to mind is saving tax money for a client. Recently, we were doing prorations on previous year’s taxes and clients wanted to close sooner, which is no unusual request, but the client (seller) kept asking us to confirm that we will not come after him on taxes, as he has already paid them. I knew that this was a property in an HOA, so I looked at the file a bit more closely and found out that this property had the CDD taxes, but it was not showing up on his tax statement. I called the county and they provided us with the CDD amount that was not paid, and we saved close to $3500.00. Therefore, I was the hero for the day.

What is Something that Many People do not Know About You?

I actually speak 5 languages: English, Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian! The last three are very similar, but yet very different.

Outside of Work, What do you Enjoy Doing?

Spending time with my kids and family. I moved to Florida for its beautiful beaches, so I love to spend time with the family on the beach. Of course, I spend a great amount of time with my closest friends and meeting new people.

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