At Millennial Title, we understand that our company would be nothing without our talented employees. As Millennial Title’s VP of Operations, Kim Heinzen works directly with Louisville and New Albany offices to process files and ensure that each closing is handled efficiently. We sat down with Kim to discuss her role at Millennial Title and what she looks forward to most within the growing organization.

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What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

I have been with Millennial Title since 2017 and each day is different. I review the files for our upcoming closings to make sure we have everything we need to close. I am a problem solver, so I work with everyone in the office to help solve any issue or answer any questions. Each file brings its own set of challenges, so we are always facing new situations. As VP of Operations, I work together with our team to provide solutions to any outstanding issues or concerns. My job is to guarantee that Millennial Title will never be the reason a closing is delayed.

What do you Enjoy Most About Your Role?

I love working with our team – we have an excellent group of people in the office, and they make coming to work more enjoyable. I also love the title process – I compare it to putting a puzzle together. I like it when all the pieces fit together.

What is One Thing You Wish People Knew About Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects your chain of title from the moment you purchase your property. It lasts forever, even after you sell your property. While it is the insurance you hope you never need, but if you do, you will be very grateful you have it.

kim heinzen with family
Kim and her family

What are You Most Excited About at Millennial Title?

Our growth and our teams. We have grown from a small company to a medium-sized company in a short period of time. With that growth, we have added new team members to all of our offices and have built a company full of smart, experienced compassionate people.

Outside of Work, what do You Enjoy Doing?

I’m a mom, and most days I enjoy it! I also like to go to the lake in NC, boat, and hike. I am fortunate to have great friends and enjoy their company as often as possible. And I’m getting ready to take golf lessons!

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