Fact: real estate professionals everywhere are looking for ways to earn additional income beyond their conventional compensation. Why? Look no further than the current landscape of the real estate market. In this post, we’ll explain why the current climate has everyone on edge and how partnering with Millennial Title not only helps you generate additional earnings, but provides you with valuable resources that make closing easier than ever. 

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The Market as it Stands

As we enter winter, the housing market is slowing down for the year. For real estate professionals, this can be alarming as the market is already at a crawl, most significantly because of skyrocketing mortgage rates. Bankrate’s national survey of large lenders reported an average 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 7.32%, as of October 21, 2022. That is a glaring difference from their July 20, 2022 reported rate of 5.76%. Additionally, with the imbalance of supply and demand firmly making it a seller’s market and driving up prices, purchasing a property seems unattainable for many potential home buyers. This also makes homeowners uneager to sell due to the difficulty of finding a new property.  

This situation is definitely a daunting one for many real estate agents. Luckily, Millennial Title is here to help. By offering title insurance and escrow services as a licensed partner of Millennial Title, real estate agents gain additional revenue, earning a fee from the title company. Additionally, partners gain access to Millennial Title’s numerous resources. Here are some benefits you can expect as a licensed partner. 


Experience You Can Rely On

Licensed partners can leverage the knowledge of Millennial Title’s internal team. Chip Ridge and Christina Moloney have 35 years of combined multi-state title experience available to assist partners with any questions they might have. Licensed to close in 24 states and available to help with closings in all 50, Millennial Title has a firm grasp of licensing requirements on a national scope.  


A Streamlined Closing Process

Partnering with Millennial Title allows you to save one of the most important resources, time. Partners benefit from having a direct connection to Millennial Title, opening the door for quick and easy communication. Additionally, Millennial Title’s consistent file-to-file processing means less time correcting filing errors and more time focusing on the next steps and your clients. All this is to make sure the closing process is as efficient as possible, for you and the buyer.  


Marketing at Your Fingertips

Millennial Title wants to see their partners succeed in all aspects of their work, including their marketing efforts. Therefore, Millennial Title wants to join forces when it comes to marketing efforts as well. Partners have Millennial Title’s full belt of marketing tools as well as their expansive marketing reach at their disposal.  


Due to high mortgage rates and unbalanced supply and demand inflating home prices, fewer and fewer sales are happening. But fewer commissions don’t have to equal jumping ship. Become a licensed partner with Millennial Title and receive access to an experienced staff of highly qualified professionals ready to expedite your workload, all while you earn additional income in the process. To learn more about becoming a licensed partner, contact Millennial Title today.  

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