At Millennial Title, we take pride in our service and expertise regarding the real estate industry. With offices located in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, and Florida, we are working to expand our organization and its members to provide real estate and title services across the United States. As part of this effort, we began our National Services team. Comprised of five key individuals, our national services team’s goal is to serve as a central point of contact and provide large-scale real estate services from state to state.

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What does the National Services Team do?

As part of our company refresh, we shifted the focus toward expanding our reach while continuing to provide exceptional service. Through our experienced team members and top-of-the-line technology, our integrations and automation capabilities allow us to streamline the workflow around your established process to provide an efficient and hassle-free closing. We also offer:

  • Opportunities to increase your revenue by capturing closing coordination fees on deals outside your current coverage area
  • Access to a nationwide pool of notaries including Remote Online Notary capabilities to make it convenient for your client to close wherever and whenever.
  • A consistent fee structure for ease of disclosing Loan Estimates and avoiding sure issues
  • Partnerships with multiple underwriters to ensure your deals are ready to close without delays
  • We streamline workflow by working around your process, using order integrations and automation capabilities.

At Millennial Title, we offer a one-stop shop for your multi-state closing needs. With 22 direct state licenses and partnerships throughout the country, our team of experts will be your central point of contact to serve your national clients. So whether you’re in one of our 8 locations or across the country, our national services team is a fast, cost-effective, low-touch service that you can utilize for your unique needs. If you’re a mortgage lender/broker or another title company and need closing services in states where you do not hold a license, contact our National Services Division today for information on how we can assist your clients.

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