When you turn on any HGTV show or scroll through homes online, you will see beautifully decorated homes that don’t have a perfectly fluffed pillow out of sight. However, the bright lights, colorful paintings, modern fixtures, and even the fluffed pillows are all staged. Staging allows buyers to see a full picture of your home’s best features. While the process may seem tedious, staging your home to sell offers many benefits to both the buyer and seller.

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Benefits of Staging Your Home

There are many benefits to staging your home for prospective buyers including: 

Increased Desirability 

Staged photos can initiate the interest of the buyer in the home and push the homebuying process forward. 

Implements Buyer Urgency

A properly staged house can not only increase desirability but also shorten the length of time on the market. A study from the Real Estate Staging Association found that staged homes spend 72% less time on the market. Buyers are more likely to make a quick offer on a home they consider attractive and looks move-in ready.  

Buyer’s Expectations

Due to the oversaturation of home shows and real estate sites, buyers develop certain standards for what they want their home to look like. If your home is not staged, then it can leave buyers feeling underwhelmed and uninterested. However, if your home is staged, it can meet or possibly exceed the buyer’s expectations.  

Improved Visualization

Before you make a large investment, you want to make sure that it is the right decision for you. Staging gives buyers the chance to imagine living in your home.  

Increased Value in Home

Staging isn’t exactly cheap, but it can increase the dollar value by 1% -5% from buyers. This may not seem like a lot but 5% of a $500,000 home is $25,000.  

 Just by giving your kitchen a facelift it makes a huge difference

Staging Tips

Start with Curb Appeal

First impressions matter! Buyers first see your house’s exterior, so it’s extremely beneficial to give them a positive impression of your home before they even step foot inside. Try power washing the siding, cleaning the gutters, or pulling weeds! These small upgrades can make a dramatic difference.  

Give the Kitchen a Facelift

Kitchens can make or break a home. Consider changing out older, outdated appliances and décor with more modern options. Corroded faucets or hard water stains are significant turn-offs for buyers.  

Depersonalize and Remove Unnecessary Clutter 

Staging allows buyers to visualize them living in your home. However, they are not going to be living in YOUR home. Remove clutter and personalized items from all rooms to give a blank slate for prospective buyers to emotionally connect with.  For more tips on how to stage your home while still living in it, check out this blog. 

Rethink placement

Do not be afraid to move furniture around. Minor changes can make the space more inviting and visually appealing.  

Add potential office space.  

Today, more people are choosing to work from home or homeschool their children, so having a built-in workspace is a huge plus for buyers.  

Show off Storage

Storage always ranks high on a buyer’s wish list. Do yourself a favor and show off your decluttered closets and large kitchen cabinets. Buyers will definitely appreciate the extra space.  

Amp up the Lighting 

Great lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your home appear more warm and inviting. Increase the wattage in your light fixtures and aim for a total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet.  

Time to Fluff the Pillows!

Overall, staging your home can greatly benefit both buyers and sellers. Staging your home will highlight your home’s strong suits, downplay shortcomings, and ideally appeal to the largest possible pool of prospective buyers.

We hope that this blog was informative and helped in your home selling process. For more information regarding the home selling process, contact us today.

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