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Buying or Selling A Home

When closing your real estate transaction at Millennial Title, we work to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible for our clients. Our professional advisors, trusted attorneys and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

From the title search and examination phase all the way to closing, Millennial Title has the experience and determination to deliver results.


Refinancing your home has many benefits, from lowering your interest rate to reducing your loan term. Millennial Title works closely with lenders to assure a smooth and easy closing. Once your mortgage has been approved from your lender, we play an important role in completing the process.

We handle the closing of the new loan, record the mortgage and ensure the prior mortgage is paid-in-full and released. Our detail-oriented staff will ensure the closing is stress-free.

Title Only

When you work with Millennial Title on a title only request, your closing agent will have full client control and disbursement. Millennial Title will work behind the scenes to complete the search, process, recording and issue commitment.

Even though Millennial Title will issue the policy, you will have 100% control of the client relationship. Contact us using the button below to request title only.


At Millennial Title, we provide complete commercial real estate title services. We have the reputation and experience for providing efficient commercial services. Clients no longer have to choose between a title company or law firm because Millennial Title offers both. With one in-house attorney and our team of experts, we have the experience to manage your next commercial real estate transaction

By choosing Millennial Title, you will be working with a trusted firm that has provided positive results time and time again.

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