Millennial Title has announced the expansion of its technology offerings with its latest partnership with ZOCCAM. Millennial Title has been working with the ZOCCAM team to begin implementing this application in all seven of their offices.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, ZOCCAM streamlines the home buying experience by enabling parties to securely send funds, documents, and other necessary information to the title company and lender, as well as securely authenticate the borrower’s identity and information. ZOCCAM provides numerous benefits for the buyer as well as our realtor partners.

ZOCCAM interface
ZOCCAM’s user-friendly interface is easy and simple to navigate. | Photo: ZOCCAM

With the swipe of a finger, Realtors will be able to register in the app with their license number, establish a pin, select earnest money, complete contracts, communicate with escrow and title company team members, as well as capture checks from their buyers. For the buyer, ZOCCAM allows the buyer to send earnest money directly to their escrow or title agent as well as capture checks, and confirm transactions. For buyers to securely send funds and confirm documentation, they will need to register with their driver’s license number as well as verify their mobile phone number.

“Since Millennial Title is licensed in 23 states and has 7 offices, Zoccam allows us to receive earnest money quickly and efficiently. Zoccam gives our realtors and buyers the most secure experience possible when closing a transaction. As a company that is on the technological edge of title industry, Zoccam is the perfect partner for Millennial Title and closing in the 21st Century.”

– Chip Ridge, President of Millennial Title

ZOCCAM is a simple solution that will allow Millennial Title to safely and securely complete closings throughout the United States. As Millennial Title continues to expand, the simplicity of ZOCCAM will allow the Millennial Title team to provide flexibility and effective closings for buyers and realtors alike. As the implementation of ZOCCAM begins, the Millennial Title team looks forward to continue protecting property owners from coast to coast.


About Millennial Title: Millennial Title is an independently owned and operated title company providing closing, legal, and real estate title services. From the first office in Tampa to expanding offices to Louisville, Greater Cincinnati, and New Albany, Millennial Title continues to expand and serve individuals and businesses locally and nationwide. For details on Millennial Title, access the website at

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