Wiring Instructions

Republic Escrow

Thank you for partnering with Millennial Title! To further safeguard your transaction, we are no longer emailing wiring instructions. Please refer to the information below on how to successfully complete the wiring process.

Incoming Wire Instructions

Receiving Bank Name: Republic Bank & Trust CompanyBank ABA/Routing Number: 083001314Bank Address: 8601 W. Market St., Louisville, KY 40202Beneficiary Account Name: Millennial Title LLC OH IOTA Account
Beneficiary Account: 59267178

Please include property address and borrower/buyer’s name on wire transfers

Please Note: We cannot accept ACH Transfers

Realtor explaining the wire instructions to buyer

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices:

Cincinnati: 513.449.0542
Louisville: 502.749.7409
Florence: 859.534.8255
Somerset: 606.425.5200
Tampa: 813.386.5474

Thank you again for trusting Millennial Title as your partner for successful real estate transactions.


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